The Environmental Division of Victory Awning, VAI Environmental, provides a variety of product and service solutions for the drilling and construction industries in North Texas and surrounding states. VAI Environmental has been the premier provider for drillers in the Barnett Shale for nearly a decade, and has expanded its service area to include the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas, the Cline Shale in West Texas and the Woodford Shale in Oklahoma.

Noise & Dust Abatement Systems:

VAI Environmental has been the industry leader in perimeter wall construction for noise abatement within the drilling and construction industries. Victory has developed pier drilling, rigging, and fastening methods that exceed industry standards. In addition to complying with local codes, the VAI Environmental product line is aesthetically pleasing.

VAI Environmental manufactures, installs, and provides full scale maintenance. Our erection crews are certified, from the crane operators to the riggers. We maintain proper documentation and regulatory compliance on our equipment, and log a rigid maintenance schedule. Our crews receive extensive safety training, which includes 10 Hour OSHA Construction Safety and Health Certification, as well as CPR, AED and First Aid Certifications. All of these factors ensure that VAI Environmental provides products and services that make operations hassle-free for our customers.
Noise and Dust Abatement Systems are versatile and the benefits provided by the systems span a number of industries. The application of sound walls has grown in popularity as their benefits have been discovered by city municipalities, state governments and contractors alike. The sound absorption and resulting reduction in noise pollution has made these systems popular for highway construction and other high impact sites near residential areas. A residual benefit of the systems is the dust control properties that help protect structures beyond the barrier from dust and debris.

Noise Abatement Products Include:

  • Sound walls for long term use – available for lease or purchase
  • Temporary free standing soft walls – available for lease or purchase

Spill Containment Systems:

VAI Environmental developed a multi layered spill containment system, providing environmental protection for spills and drips. The spill containment berms can go under frac tanks, pumps, fuel trucks, temporary generators or any other equipment or vehicle with contents that need to be contained and disposed of in a responsible manner. The integrated support layer modules are designed for convenient and easy installation, removal, transport and storage.

The standard VAI spill containment berm size is 10 x 50, with size options ranging from 5 x 5 to 20 x 50. VAI has the ability to quickly manufacture and deliver almost any size containment needed with little lead time. Both lease and purchase options are available in order to meet the project needs of each customer, and VAI’s seasoned crews are available for delivery, set-up and pick-up when needed.